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Assess a Medical Claim. (R1840.00)

Explain the cycle of a Medical Claim. (R1310.00)

Utilise clinical coding terms, rules and conventions for diagnostic and procedure codes. (R2050.00)

Analyse clinical information and assign ICD and procedure codes. (R2260.00)

Introduction to Billing & Coding (Opthalmologists). (R525.00)

Introduction to Billing & Coding (Paediatricians). (R525.00)

Introduction to Billing & Coding (Cardiothoracic Surgeons). (R525.00)

Introduction to Billing & Coding (Cardiologists). (R525.00)

Explain the use of coding in Healthcare Benefit Administration. (R2100.00)

Apply knowledge of the Musculo Skeletal system to assess risk. (R1260.00)

Describe the Control of Fraud in Healthcare Benefits Administration. (R1520.00)

Describe Healthcare Cover in South Africa. (R1000.00)

Describe Managed Care as it is applied in Medical Scheme Administration in South Africa. (R1260.00)

The courses are online and designed to be portable and flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace, at a time and place of your choosing.

Our online courses use video, activities and assessments. We make use of Zoom to allow *interactive sessions with our trainers via a virtual classroom setup to make it an engaging learning experience, providing you with an optimal level of interaction and engagement with the trainer, as required.

All you need is a laptop or PC and internet connection and you are ready to attend.

*Sessions with trainers are available upon request.


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